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Detention Services

Detention Services

Jail Administrator - Capt. Donald Flowers

The Captain of the Scotland County Detention Center is directly accountable to the Sheriff or his designee for implementation of all of the Sheriff’s orders and direction concerning the operation of the division.

● Oversee the day to day, efficient operation of the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations. This includes housing, feeding, clothing, medical care, recreation, and safety of the inmates.
● Supervise a staff of 20-30 employees.
● Responsible for the oversight of inmates.
● Assist with the preparation and administration of a budget for Detention operations.
● Prepare and recommend policies and procedures to assure that a high level of security is maintained in order to protect inmates, jail personnel and the public.
● Conduct physical inspections of the jail as needed, in order to maintain security of cell blocks, including assuring that locks, windows, doors, etc. are in proper working order.
● Communicate with the Detention Operations, Sheriff, departmental personnel, inmates and the public to provide information and establish good relations with the public.

Jail phone number: 910.277.3166
Detention Hours, Rules, and Procedures: (Click on "more" link.)   more ...

Detention Services

Detention Supervisors

Sgt. Laura Prevatte Sgt. Barbara Britt Clinton Gooselin Sgt. Stephanie Hudson

Detention Services

Chaplain Services

Sheriff Kersey’s Chaplin Program is a Volunteer Officer/Detention Chaplaincy program. As long as there is crime, there will be officers and a host of persons supporting the criminal justice system.

Occasionally, these men and women will need additional support to handle overwhelming emotions which are hazards of the job. The type of people and criminal actions law enforcement encounter in communities and jails can sometimes be shocking.

In a service profession to law enforcement, as well as to the incarcerated, and former inmates, the chaplain has a unique perspective of, and possibly is better equipped to address basic problematic events and emotions.

Scotland County Sheriff’s Chaplin program provides the Law Enforcement Breakfast held once a month. The Chaplains have assisted also from their church members in feeding and ministering every Friday 85-110 Inmates.

Our Chaplains are a tremendous asset to the Scotland County Detention Center and the Sheriff’s Office.

Pastor Opie Swails
Pastor Richard Tyson
Pastor Paul Lemmond

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