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Community Survey

All residents of Scotland County are invited to participate in a Community Survey on Public Safety and Law Enforcement. The survey and instructions can be downloaded here.


Talk it Out NC!

"If we don’t start talking, we won’t stop underage drinking in North Carolina. Yes, it’s a big issue. But together we can deal with it — one conversation at a time."

Talk it Out NC!


In Case of Emergency

ICE ( In Case of Emergency )

Programming emergency contact information into your cell phone under the listing "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) and carrying a SCSO ICE identification card in a wallet or purse can assist first responders in contacting family and friends in the event you're involved in an emergency.

Many of our Scotland County Citizens each year are unable to communicate with the Scotland County EMS personnel AND First Responders due to illness or trauma. Emergency contact information is frequently vital to facilitate treatment during life-threatening situations.

To program ICE into your cell phone:
-- Access the address book feature of your cell phone.
-- Enter the name ICE.
-- Enter the phone number of your husband, wife, parent or whomever needs to know about you in case of an emergency.

In addition, you can download and print the SCSO ICE card from the Scotland County Sheriff's Office website and carry it in your wallet or purse.


Family Watchdog

Family Watchdog is a free service to help locate registered sex offenders in your area. We encourage you to use our site to help educate your family on possible dangers in areas they visit.



The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging residents to use a free online system that will help keep track of personal property in the event of theft or loss.

ReportIt, found at www.reportit.leadsonline.com, is a free, secure online service that allows citizens to record serial numbers and upload images for phones, electronics and other valuables. Law enforcement officials stress that having the information will go a long way in accurately and quickly identifying your property.

The ReportIt service is part of LeadsOnline, the online system that works with law enforcement across the country to track and recover stolen property. The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office will be able to use LeadsOnline to help track and recover items such as jewelry, equipment, electronics, computers, cameras, designer clothing and other collectibles.

LeadsOnline allows detectives to search for items using a variety of parameters, including item descriptions and serial numbers. For example, when an item is sold to a pawn or secondhand shop, the product information is entered in the LeadsOnline database and is immediately viewable by participating law enforcement agencies throughout the country. Being able to track valuables stolen from such locations not only helps law enforcement recover your items, but it helps lead to the arrest of a criminal who makes their living preying on others.

By creating a ReportIt account, you can have pictures, descriptions, and serial numbers handy to provide to the reporting officer. This will assist detectives in comparing pawned items to that of the victims. A ReportIt account is password protected and is only accessible to the owners themselves. The reporting individual can access and share with officers in the event of a theft. Law enforcement personnel do not have access to any passwords or personal information.


Are You OK?® Telephone Reassurance System

Taking the fear out of Being Alone

Contacting an elderly person, homebound individual, or latch-key child on a daily basis helps to reassure their well being and give them a feeling of security.

The Are You OK?® telephone reassurance system eases the concern of friends and family who may find it difficult to maintain consistent, reliable contact. Parents of a 9-year-old child may want to make sure their child is home on time from school. An 85-year-old woman wants the independence of living alone in her home along with the security of being monitored. The RUOK® system brings a sense of comfort into every subscriber’s home.

A computer system ensures a daily contact with elders or individuals with disabilities. A computer generated call asks the question "Are You Okay?" If there is no reply, steps are taken to check that the individual is safe from harm.

The "Are You Okay?" Program is a safety program that targets vulnerable individuals who, in the event of illness, accidental injury, or crime, are in danger of being left unattended and unaided for a lengthy period of time.

"Are You Okay?" is a reassurance service that allows anyone in Scotland County who is elderly or disabled and living alone the certainty that they will be checked on each day.

The "Are You Okay" program assures elders, those with disabilities and their families that an emergency situation will not escape the attention of those in a position to offer assistance.

The "Are You Okay?" computer system, administered by the Scotland County Sheriff's Office, stores the emergency information in memory. The computer calls the subscriber every day at the same time. If the person fails to answer the call after a period of time or attempts, the computer retrieves the emergency data released by the subscribed citizen.

The Sheriff's Office then calls the friend or relative designated by the subscribed citizen. If the friend or relative is not available the Sheriff’s Office will respond and check on the person's condition.

Registration for the service requires the submission of an application which includes pertinent medical and emergency information. Call (910) 276-3385 for an application.

The "Are You Okay?" service is free of charge to those who are disabled, homebound and infirm.

To subscribe to this service, fill out this form and mail it to:
Scotland County Sheriff's Office
212 Bigg's St.
Laurinburg, NC 28352


Mobile Patrol App

Scotland County Sheriff's Office is now connected with Mobile Patrol.

Mobile Patrol helps sheriffs' offices rapidly communicate vital public safety information such as emergency alerts, jail bookings, VINE notifications, arrest warrants, and lists of most-wanted persons and sex offenders. Users of the app can also send crime tips and offender sightings directly to the sheriff's office.

Please take the time today and download your free app. Use the link provided below.

i-phone App.........Android App


Vacation House Check

During an extended leave from your residence, you may request that a Deputy check your home while you are away. Click on the link below to complete this form and then bring it to the sheriff's office.

Vacation House Check Form (.doc) (.pdf)

This form must be hand delivered to the Sheriff's Office. It can not be faxed or emailed.


Sex Offender App

The NC Department of Justice has released an iphone app designed to offer the public a quick way to find registered sex offenders who live in North Carolina. This app is part of the Attorney General’s mission to protect and inform the citizens of North Carolina.
The app allows the user to search for offenders by GPS location and street address. It displays detailed information about a particular sex offender including their offenses and latest photos when available. The app also allows the user to sign-up for email alerts for a particular offender.

iPhone App..............................Android App
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