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Ralph Kersey

Sheriff Ralph Kersey
Sheriff Ralph Kersey has spent 34 years serving his country and the citizens of North Carolina. Prior to his career in Law Enforcement Sheriff Kersey was in the United States Marine Corps from 1979-1983 later joining the North Carolina Highway Patrol, where he retired in 2011.
On December 22nd, 2014 Sheriff Kersey was sworn in as the 11th Sheriff of Scotland County. Sheriff Kersey is a member of the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association.

He is a graduate of Scotland High School and later attended University of North Florida (IPTM). Sheriff Kersey has held certificates in BLET, (Basic Law Enforcement Training), Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate, Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate, Field Training Officer, Firearms, Accident Reconstructionist, Federal Motor Carrier Inspector, Crisis Management, Search and Seizure, Deviant Behavior, Criminal Investigation, Basic Anti-Terrorism Awareness, Juvenile Minority, Riot Control, Interview Interrogation, Drug School, and Hazardous Materials.
Awarded to Sheriff Kersey are:

● Honorable Discharge United States Marine Corp
● MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers):Gastonia, 1990 thru 1993
● Officer of the Year: Gastonia Jaycees, 1989 1991, 1992, 1994
● Order of the Long Leaf Pine (Governor Award)

Born and raised in Scotland County, Sheriff Kersey is dedicated to serving the citizens of Scotland County. It is his goal to reorganize and review the different divisions of the Sheriff’s Office for efficiency as well as necessity. Positions will be justified and reassigned for maximum effectiveness as well as reducing the high turnover rate by providing necessary training and leadership where necessary.



Chief Lloyd Goins

Chief Lloyd Goins
Chief Lloyd Goins serves as the Chief Deputy and Budget and Finance Administrator.

His career in law enforcement began in 1990 as a detention officer in the Scotland County Detention Center. He was the Chief Jail Administrator from July 1996 until January 2012.

Chief Goins extensive background includes careers as a detention officer, transportation officer, operation's officer, deputy sheriff, Superior Courtroom Bailiff and Chief Jail Administrator.

Currently, Chief Goins is a certified instructor in Basic Law Enforcement Training, Detention Officers Certification Courses, N.C. Department of Public Safety through N.C. Criminal Justice System as well as N.C. Sheriffs' Training and Standards Division.

He has been an instructor for Robeson Community College in Lumberton, NC since September 1994. Also, He has been a certified instructor for the National Sheriffs’ Association since March, 2004.

The Sheriff appoints one person as Chief Deputy for the Sheriff’s Office. Chief Goins works hand in hand with the Sheriff in accomplishment of all duties. The Chief is second in the chain of command only to the Sheriff.

He assists in the decision making process for all the legal responsibilities of the elected Sheriff. The Chief is charged with the efficient, effective, and professional operation of the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center. In the absence of the Sheriff, he assumes the duties of the Sheriff.

The Chief makes routine inquiries into the budget process, monitors expenditures, and approves outlays. The Chief oversees the three divisions of the agency through a participatory style of management. Major decisions, long range planning, setting of goals, and mission development are all brought before the staff at ongoing meetings for discussion and implementation.

The Chief also serves as the director of personnel. As such, he ensures the office meets compliance requirements of all applicable controlling legislation, court decisions, and other legal mandates. He builds and maintains a pool of applications that are representative of the ethnic, minority, and social status of our community. Applicant testing, interviewing, and tracking is coordinated through this office. The discipline, counseling, and dismissal of employees are functions of the Chief.

The Chief serves as the coordinator in interactions with other government and private concerns. It is the responsibility of this office to ensure proper relationships exists to promote growth and advancement of the agency. As a certified law enforcement officer, the chief guides the agency into the future on a solid foundation.

Contact phone number: 910.277.3126


Administrative Assistant for the Sheriff - Rebecca Riggs

Rebecca Riggs
Over 30 years of Administrative experience has provided the skills required to assist in maintaining the functions of the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Assistant is responsible for maintaining the Sheriff's itinerary, arranging appointments, scheduling meetings, and preparing official correspondence for the Sheriff. Meets and greets the public to assist their needs. She also works with all units and divisions within the Sheriff’s Office to maintain programs and services.

Ms. Riggs works closely with the community and office to improve the operations of the office whether in helping with event planning or supporting our citizens with improving the quality of life in our communities. She assists Sheriff Kersey in maintaining and the development of Office and Community programs.

Ms. Riggs maintains promotions, updates the Web Developer and other multimedia content, with the Sheriff’s approval.

Other responsibilities are Payroll preparations while assisting new employees with policies and schedule with Scotland County’s Benefits, Human Resources for employment. She is responsible for compilation and submission of monthly electronic time sheet, payroll reports and computations of payroll adjustments for the Sheriff's Office. Assist in preparing all personnel action forms (promotions, demotions and adjustments in pay) and monitors manpower allocations. She assists in the maintaining of all personnel files for the Sheriff's Office which includes up to 70 employees.

Rebecca was born in Baltimore, Maryland but raised in Scotland County. She graduated in 1984 from Scotland High School later attended Robeson Community College. She has two children who are currently in college, Sarah 18 and Mark 23. She is a member of the N.C Sheriff’s Association. 17 year member of the Order of the Eastern Star Fayetteville Chapter #334.

She has been accepted into the National Association of Professional Women 2015.

Contact phone number: 910.277.3114

Field Services

Field Services

Field Services - Capt. Wayne Gay

Capt. Wayne Gay
Captain Wayne Gay, born Nov. 12, 1962, is a 1981 graduate of Scotland High School. He is the son of the late Lacy M. Gay and Ethel M. Gay. His wife is Tonya M. Gay and he has one son, Adrian R. Gay, and one stepdaughter, Natasha Jackson, of Charlotte. He has seven grandchildren, all in Charlotte, NC.

He began his career in law enforcement August of 1989 with the Laurinburg Police Department under Chief Robert Malloy. He graduated from B.L.E.T at Robeson Community College in December of 1989.

In 1995 Captain Gay began his service with the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office in October 1994 as a Telecommuniator under Sheriff Wayne Bryant. Captain Gay was transferred to the patrol division and promoted as a Lieutenant in 2004. when he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He worked with administration and addressed the needs and supervised the assignments of his shift for the patrol division. In June 2012 he was transferred to Lieutenant over the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. In November 2014, under the Leadership of Sheriff Ralph Kersey, Captain Gay, then Lieutenant was assigned to the Division of Sex Offenders. In May of 2015 Gay was promoted to Captain of the Patrol Division which includes, SRO Officers as well as the Sheriff’s K-9 Unit Division.

Captain Gay is certified in Radar, intoximeter, and DCI. He is also trained and certified as a First Line Supervisor. He is a member of Sheriff Kersey’s Honor Guard.

Currently he is the president of the Free Spirits Bowling League in Fayetteville, NC for six years and a member of the Laurinburg Bowling League. He is a past Masonic Member of Mt. Scottish Lodge #188 in Laurinburg, NC. Captain Gay is a member of Westminister Presbyterian Church, in Laurinburg.

Contact phone number: 910.277.3127

Lt. Ronnie Ivey Lt. Miles Mack Lt. Jonathan Dunn Lt. Reggie McPhatter

Field Services

School Resource Officers (SRO)

Lt. David Shankle
The School Resource Officer program provides a Deputy Sheriff as a School Resource Officer. We currently have 4 School Resource Officers in Scotland County Schools using the G.R.E.A.T. Program.

The SRO program has been a very successful program; the officers become a role model to the students and also act as a crime deterrent. The one-on-one relationship between the students and the officers allows problems to be solved before they escalate beyond control. They also work in conjunction with the School officials to maintain a safe and orderly environment at the school.

Sgt. Sheronica Smith Dep. Andre Grant
Link: Scotland County Schools

Field Services

Auxiliary Service

Lt. Rudy Locklear
Captain Rudy Locklear manages Sheriff Kersey's Auxiliary program under the supervision of Captain Wayne Gay. Capt. Locklear is an asset to the Sheriff's Office with his combined leadership duties away from the office. He is Adjunct Professor& President UNCP Alumni Association Board of Directors Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Capt. Locklear also serves as Magistrate in Robeson County.

The Auxiliary Service is comprised of Officers who are sworn law enforcement officers but are either retired or otherwise volunteering their time. They are not paid employees of the Department but they operate within the Guidelines and Policy of the Scotland County Sheriff's Department.

The Auxiliary Officers are:
Dep. Marcus Norton, Dep. Abigail Locklear.

Support Services

Support Services

Civil Process - Lt. Amy Locklear

The Scotland County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division carries out the sheriff’s statutory responsibility for the service of process and execution of writs. These judicial process documents originate from the courts, governmental agencies and private attorneys in North Carolina and throughout the United States and include:
- Summons
- Civil Summons
- Domestic Violence Orders
- Claim and Deliveries
- Writs for Possession (real and personal property)
- Civil Orders for Arrest
- Tax Warrants
- Attachments
- Writs of Executions (enforcement of money judgments)
- Child Custody Orders
The Civil Section also enforces levies and writs of attachment and conducts Sheriff’s sales to aid in the collection of money judgments.

For information about having your documents serve, call the Civil Division.
(910) 277-3196 (Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5 p.m.)
Or visit the division’s public window during regular business hours
(Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5 p.m.) Located in the:

Scotland County Court House
212 Biggs Street
Laurinburg, N.C. 28352

Support Services

Sex Offenders - Sgt. Eddie Smith

Sgt. Eddie Smith
The North Carolina General Assembly created the North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry in January 1996. This law outlines registration requirements for persons living in North Carolina, non-resident students and non-resident workers.

If you have specific questions about information contained in an offender registration record, contact the Scotland County Sheriff's office. If the offender is located in the area or call the Office for the county listed in the offender’s current address.

If you have specific questions about North Carolina law pertaining to registration requirements, please see North Carolina General Statute 14-208.5.

If you have knowledge of errors in an offender’s registration record, please contact the sheriff's office at 910-277-3157 if for Scotland County or contact the Sheriff’s Office for the county listed in the offender’s current address.

NC Sex Offender Database

Support Services

Child Support Division - Lt. Jason L. Butler

The Scotland County Child Support Division. Child Support inquiries can be directed to the DHHS Customer Service Call Center at 1-800-992-9457 and/or the Child Support 1405 West Boulevard PO Box 1647, Laurinburg, NC 28353 State Courier#:14-38-03
(910) 277-2406 / Fax: (910) 277-2402

- Information may also be obtained by visiting the state operated child support website at http://www.ncchildsupport.com/. The child support department is responsible for providing the following services:

- Noncustodial Parent Location: confirm the noncustodial parent’s location in order to initiate the process.

- Establishment of Paternity: determine the biological father either voluntarily or by other legal means including DNA paternity testing.

- Establishment of Child Support Obligation: a court order that establishes a monetary child support obligation based on the NC Child Support Guidelines which may include medical coverage. The obligation may be established voluntarily or by other legal methods.

- Collection of Child Support Payments: all payments are made to the North Carolina Centralized Collections for monitoring and tracking purposes.

- Enforcement of Child Support Obligations: to enforce child support payments through administrative or judicial actions; the most common method being mandatory wage withholding.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Social Services
North Carolina e-Child Support

Support Services

Records Division - Deputy Michelle Gay

The Records Division responsible for providing daily computer entries for reporting statistical information for the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office, SBI, and Homeland Security. Deputy Gay manages the legal documents, type forms and letters and maintains files. She must research criminal, missing persons, sex offender and victim’s databases for the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office, as well as other agencies per direction. She must also review and verify data as necessary, and prepare and maintain case files for transmission to the Solicitor's Office and various other courts.
Deputy Gay is also TAC for the Sheriff’s Office and maintains all DCI files and testing. Deputy Gay completed her BLET training in 2017.

Detention Services

Detention Services

Jail Administrator - Capt. Donald Flowers

The Captain of the Scotland County Detention Center is directly accountable to the Sheriff or his designee for implementation of all of the Sheriff’s orders and direction concerning the operation of the division.

● Oversee the day to day, efficient operation of the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations. This includes housing, feeding, clothing, medical care, recreation, and safety of the inmates.
● Supervise a staff of 20-30 employees.
● Responsible for the oversight of inmates.
● Assist with the preparation and administration of a budget for Detention operations.
● Prepare and recommend policies and procedures to assure that a high level of security is maintained in order to protect inmates, jail personnel and the public.
● Conduct physical inspections of the jail as needed, in order to maintain security of cell blocks, including assuring that locks, windows, doors, etc. are in proper working order.
● Communicate with the Detention Operations, Sheriff, departmental personnel, inmates and the public to provide information and establish good relations with the public.

Jail phone number: 910.277.3166
Detention Hours, Rules, and Procedures: (Click on "more" link.)   more ...

Detention Services

Detention Supervisors

Sgt. Laura Prevatte Sgt. Barbara Britt Clinton Gooselin Sgt. Stephanie Hudson

Detention Services

Chaplain Services

Sheriff Kersey’s Chaplin Program is a Volunteer Officer/Detention Chaplaincy program. As long as there is crime, there will be officers and a host of persons supporting the criminal justice system.

Occasionally, these men and women will need additional support to handle overwhelming emotions which are hazards of the job. The type of people and criminal actions law enforcement encounter in communities and jails can sometimes be shocking.

In a service profession to law enforcement, as well as to the incarcerated, and former inmates, the chaplain has a unique perspective of, and possibly is better equipped to address basic problematic events and emotions.

Scotland County Sheriff’s Chaplin program provides the Law Enforcement Breakfast held once a month. The Chaplains have assisted also from their church members in feeding and ministering every Friday 85-110 Inmates.

Our Chaplains are a tremendous asset to the Scotland County Detention Center and the Sheriff’s Office.

Pastor Opie Swails
Pastor Richard Tyson
Pastor Paul Lemmond

Investigation Services

Investigation Services

Investigations - Captain Ruben Castellon

Ruben Castellon is a graduate of the 1981 senior class of Oxnard High School, CA. He began his service to our country when he joined the United States Army. He served in many Non-Commission Officer leadership positions including Squad Leader, platoon Sergeant, and First Sergeant. He was also a Drill Sergeant instructor and served with distinction in 3d Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. In 2003, he retired from the US Army, to pursue his passion for law enforcement.

In 2003, Ruben Castellon graduated from Basic Law Enforcement Program at Fayetteville Community College, and in 2004, he began his law enforcement career with Hoke County Sheriff's Office as Patrol Deputy, and later transferred to the Civil Division to serve as Civil Deputy. He was then promoted to Detective Sergeant. While in the Detective Division, he was responsible for investigating crimes against persons, property crimes and white collar crimes. He also served as a member of the Hoke County Sheriff's Office Sheriff's Emergency Respond Team, and later become a hostage negotiator. He was also a Patrol Sergeant at Spring Lake Police Department. Under the leadership of Sheriff Ralph Kersey, Ruben Castellon was assigned as Captain of the Detective Division.

Ruben Castellon earned his NC Criminal Investigation Certificate Program certification as well as his Advanced Professional Law Enforcement Certificate. Additional certificates include FBI Hostage Negotiations, Field Training Officer, Advanced Field Training Officer, Tactical Operations, Basic Narcotics Investigator, Basic Fire Investigation, Background Investigations, Internal Affairs Investigations, and Leadership Development for Law Enforcement Managers, and First Line Supervision.

Ruben Castellon is a graduate of Liberty University at Lynchburg, Virginia, with a Master of Business Administration and Criminal Justice Administration. He is also currently pursuing a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Public Administration at Liberty University.

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