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Investigations - Captain Ruben Castellon

Ruben Castellon is a graduate of the 1981 senior class of Oxnard High School, CA. He began his service to our country when he joined the United States Army. He served in many Non-Commission Officer leadership positions including Squad Leader, platoon Sergeant, and First Sergeant. He was also a Drill Sergeant instructor and served with distinction in 3d Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. In 2003, he retired from the US Army, to pursue his passion for law enforcement.

In 2003, Ruben Castellon graduated from Basic Law Enforcement Program at Fayetteville Community College, and in 2004, he began his law enforcement career with Hoke County Sheriff's Office as Patrol Deputy, and later transferred to the Civil Division to serve as Civil Deputy. He was then promoted to Detective Sergeant. While in the Detective Division, he was responsible for investigating crimes against persons, property crimes and white collar crimes. He also served as a member of the Hoke County Sheriff's Office Sheriff's Emergency Respond Team, and later become a hostage negotiator. He was also a Patrol Sergeant at Spring Lake Police Department. Under the leadership of Sheriff Ralph Kersey, Ruben Castellon was assigned as Captain of the Detective Division.

Ruben Castellon earned his NC Criminal Investigation Certificate Program certification as well as his Advanced Professional Law Enforcement Certificate. Additional certificates include FBI Hostage Negotiations, Field Training Officer, Advanced Field Training Officer, Tactical Operations, Basic Narcotics Investigator, Basic Fire Investigation, Background Investigations, Internal Affairs Investigations, and Leadership Development for Law Enforcement Managers, and First Line Supervision.

Ruben Castellon is a graduate of Liberty University at Lynchburg, Virginia, with a Master of Business Administration and Criminal Justice Administration. He is also currently pursuing a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Public Administration at Liberty University.



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