Chief Lloyd Goins


Chief Lloyd Goins

Chief Lloyd Goins
Chief Lloyd Goins

Chief Lloyd Goins serves as the Chief Deputy and Budget and Finance Administrator.

His career in law enforcement began in 1990 as a detention officer in the Scotland County Detention Center. He was the Chief Jail Administrator from July 1996 until January 2012.

Chief Goins extensive background includes careers as a detention officer, transportation officer, operation's officer, deputy sheriff, Superior Courtroom Bailiff and Chief Jail Administrator.

Currently, Chief Goins is a certified instructor in Basic Law Enforcement Training, Detention Officers Certification Courses, N.C. Department of Public Safety through N.C. Criminal Justice System as well as N.C. Sheriffs' Training and Standards Division.

He has been an instructor for Robeson Community College in Lumberton, NC since September 1994. Also, He has been a certified instructor for the National Sheriffs’ Association since March, 2004.

The Sheriff appoints one person as Chief Deputy for the Sheriff’s Office. Chief Goins works hand in hand with the Sheriff in accomplishment of all duties. The Chief is second in the chain of command only to the Sheriff.

He assists in the decision making process for all the legal responsibilities of the elected Sheriff. The Chief is charged with the efficient, effective, and professional operation of the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center. In the absence of the Sheriff, he assumes the duties of the Sheriff.

The Chief makes routine inquiries into the budget process, monitors expenditures, and approves outlays. The Chief oversees the three divisions of the agency through a participatory style of management. Major decisions, long range planning, setting of goals, and mission development are all brought before the staff at ongoing meetings for discussion and implementation.

The Chief also serves as the director of personnel. As such, he ensures the office meets compliance requirements of all applicable controlling legislation, court decisions, and other legal mandates. He builds and maintains a pool of applications that are representative of the ethnic, minority, and social status of our community. Applicant testing, interviewing, and tracking is coordinated through this office. The discipline, counseling, and dismissal of employees are functions of the Chief.

The Chief serves as the coordinator in interactions with other government and private concerns. It is the responsibility of this office to ensure proper relationships exists to promote growth and advancement of the agency. As a certified law enforcement officer, the chief guides the agency into the future on a solid foundation.

Contact phone number: 910.277.3126


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